Jumat, 07 Maret 2008

the simpson

Here it is, our loved cartoon very much...the Simpson. Actually all of you must have know well about this Simpson family. I love the simpson because it bring a lot of fun stuff to me. Just by watch it, i can fell my life is go again. Check out this simpson video i just grab, hahaha very funny indeed. The zoro act and his "trademark" section look funny and stupid enough.

Are here any simpson lover??whats your favorite character then?? share with me, oh i just forgot the song in this simpson video is "jerry springer" by weird al yankovic

crazy indian music

Hi i just found this interesting music video, yeah its particularly a joke. Not worth video if you think so. But lets take a good look at it?? an India play his ass on this video,heehaws. I just laugh at this video, then maybe i can post it in this blog. The black man dance whit his ridiculous looking. And somewhat he comes in the first show and act like and idiot. His style look funny and a bunch of Indian people dance together like a horse race.

Music videos in this blog i just search was from you tube. Maybe you can check it yourself. Anyway if u like, just give it a comment, share with me.What do you think about this video?? whatever you like or not, give your opinion. See you in next post.